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Blood Angels: How to paint a Space Marine Rhino.

12.12.2014 в 08:32 | DezeRt 0 0
Blood Angels: How to paint a Space Marine Rhino. 00:18:21
In this tutorial Duncan will show you how to paint a Space Marine Rhino in the colours of the Blood Angels including a great way to paint the white wings on the door. Not only that, he will also show you how to customise your Rhino by using a Forge World vehicle accessory pack including how to work with and prepare Forge World resin for assembly.The paints required for this tutorial are as follows:Mephiston RedAgrax EarthshadeKindleflameLeadbelcherNuln OilNecron CompoundAbaddon BlackEshin GreyBalthasar GoldGehenna's GoldRunefang SteelCelestra GreyUlthuan GreyWhite ScarKhorne RedEvil Sunz ScarletWild Rider Red'ArdcoatAll the methods and techniques demonstrated in this video can be used on all manner of Space Marine vehicles as well as different Adeptus Astartes chapters.
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