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Total War: WARHAMMER - Introducing... Demigryphs [ESRB]

17.07.2015 в 17:13 | DezeRt 0 1
Total War: WARHAMMER - Introducing... Demigryphs [ESRB] 00:01:38
‘Total War WARHAMMER - Introducing…’ will provide an exclusive look at some of the most spectacular battlefield units brought to life from the high fantasy, Warhammer universe.

The series kicks off with the magnificent and ferocious Demigryphs.

Part lion and part eagle, these noble monstrous cavalry are ridden by only the most renowned knights of the Empire. Clad in ornate plate armour, their densely muscled frames enable them to thunder into combat, tearing their foes limb from limb and spreading fear among the enemy ranks.

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Video type: In-engine Cinematic
What does this mean? Full details here: http://wiki.totalwar.com/w/About_our_trailers
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