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SoulНе в Сети
Сообщений 16
Репутация: 12
24.11.2010 в 02:04, №1
Hey guys,

I'm not sure if that's the the right forum, but I want to let you know that I'll be leaving this clan and changing to In7, a German Pro-Gaming clan.

It was cool to play with you in SC2 and especially in DoW and I want to thank you for good games and the friendly treatment. But our SC2 section has unfortunately become pretty inactive, I wanted to change to a more active and qualified clan, where communication is also way easier.

Please delete from the clan site, but know that this is nothing personal and I will always be happy if you write me and if we can play some games. smile

Greetz, Soul

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AngaBangaTeleChangaНе в Сети
Сообщений 286
Репутация: 79
Раса: Orks
24.11.2010 в 02:06, №2
понеслась пизда по кочкам

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Dar1oНе в Сети
N1Ce клан
Сообщений 467
Репутация: 238
24.11.2010 в 09:13, №3
Soul, it was nice to see you in our clan. I wish i didn't play even a game with you in DoW. Good luck in the future m8.

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GamchytНе в Сети
Модераторы Клана
Сообщений 608
Репутация: 153
24.11.2010 в 12:51, №4
you are traitor!!!!!!

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Everybody lies © House M.D.

Don't worry, be happy!Drink Pepsi,be sexy.
AlexBristonНе в Сети
Модераторы Клана
Сообщений 594
Репутация: 116
Раса: Tau_Empire
24.11.2010 в 14:36, №5
как говориться, нужен актив, а не список якобы актива(

Good Luck, Dude

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Форум » Архив » Корзина » Retirement (of Soul)
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