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Имперская Гвардия vs. Космодесант
1.Имперская Гвардия[ 24 ][53.33%]
2.Космодесант[ 21 ][46.67%]
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Раса: Imperium of Man
02 Ноя 2014 в 23:14:48, №376
Сейчас самый дорогой из не именных линкоров с экипажем КД стоит 435 очков. При том что у Хаоса это линкор Диспойлер, которых 3 штуки даже в самом чудесном случае, а у Империума в ту же цену только не многим более частые Немезисы.
Боевые баржы же сейчас без апгрейдов идут по 440-450 очков. Только у Хаоса за 410, но у них они не полноценные, не те, что мы рассматриваем.

Battle Barges are some of the most powerful ships the Imperium has at its disposal

Constructed with its unique role of low-orbit planetary assault in mind, the battle barges’ skeletons were forged from a an ultra-dense alloy. The rare base mineral can only be mined from the sites of recent volcanic eruptions, and is further hardened by ballast compression tanks situated on high-gravity moons. The pressurized environment hardens the alloy, ensuring the superstructure is as solid as the doors protecting the Emperor’s throne room itself. These inner frameworks were then girded in kilometres of hardened plasteel and adamantium, and edged with thick ferrocrete buttresses that surround the main hull like a reinforced rib-cage. Finally, a second and ablative layer of armour was added to each vessel’s prow, forging an impenetrable figurehead for the indomitable fury of a battle barge.
Protected in the Warp by Gellar Fields, in the Materium battle barges are protected by a group of layered void shields. The shields protecting a battle barge are among the most sophisticated that the Emperor’s armies have at their disposal. Segmented into a series of zones, it is possible for an area of shield to fail without leaving the ship entirely exposed. Further to this, energy can be siphoned from one zone to another, and redirected to where there is the most need of protection. In dire circumstances the shields’ energy can be driven up past their normal maximum. This temporarily provides the battle barge with greater protection but soon burns out the generators, and renders the shields inert.

Кстати с чего ты вообще взял, что бомбардировочные оружия ставят на линкоры?!
На корабли КД, по беку и настолке на Панишерах Адептус Арбитрес, но на ИБФ?!
Форум » Вселенная Warhammer 40 000 » Империум » Имперская Гвардия vs. Космодесант
Страница 26 из 26«12242526